Ohio Eviction Law and Attorneys

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Evictions Tips and Tricks

What you need to file an eviction

Using affidavits in lieu of live testimony at eviction hearings

Is continually postponing the eviction hearing a good strategy to keep a tenant making payments?

What to do if the tenant pays rent after I have filed an eviction and I want to proceed with the eviction?

Should I negotiate with my tenant prior to the eviction hearing?

I no longer live in Ohio but have property there, how can I proceed with an out of state eviction?



Common eviction questions

Effective negotiation tactics at eviction hearing

Typical eviction timeline in Ohio

Franklin County Ohio Red Tag and Set Out Procedures

Free Ohio Eviction Notice (Three day notice)

What happens after the eviction hearing?

Using affidavits at an eviction hearing

What you need to file an eviction in Ohio


How to proceed with damages hearing and wage garnishment after eviction.

How do I locate former tenants for the purpose of collecting against them?

How does the wage garnishment process work in Ohio?

Bank Account Garnishments in Ohio

Vehicle Execution in Ohio

Presenting an effective case for damages

Pursuing second cause of action for damages in eviction case