Eviction FAQ


Evictions Tips and Tricks

What you need to file an eviction

Using affidavits in lieu of live testimony at eviction hearings

Is continually postponing the eviction hearing a good strategy to keep a tenant making payments?

What to do if the tenant pays rent after I have filed an eviction and I want to proceed with the eviction?

Should I negotiate with my tenant prior to the eviction hearing?

I no longer live in Ohio but have property there, how can I proceed with an out of state eviction?


My boyfriend and I broke up and now he won’t leave – how do I go about evicting him?

Tenants’ defenses to an eviction: Equity Defense

Q. Can my landlord evict me for excessive noise?

Q. Can a landlord accept rent from tenants after he has posted a three day notice of eviction and still maintain the eviction?

Q. I recently complained to my landlord about some problems at the apartment, and now he has placed a notice of eviction on my door. Can he evict me for complaining?

Q. Recently, I was late by two days, and now my landlord wants to evict me for failing to pay the rent on time. Can he evict me?

Q. Can my landlord lock me out or turn off the utilities if I violate a term of the rental agreement?

Q.Can a landlord evict me for the actions of my guests?