Dayton Ohio Eviction Attorney

Dayton Municipal Courthouse

Dayton Municipal Court Eviction Filing fees –

One (1) Defendant (Ordinary Mail and Process Sever) – $138.00
One (1) Defendant (Ordinary Mail and Bailiff) – $144.00
Two (2) Defendants (Ordinary Mail and Process Server) – $143.00
Two (2) Defendants (Ordinary Mail and Bailiff) – $155.00
Certified Mail (For each Defendant) – $10.00
(Ordinary Mail on first defendant at no charge)

Eric E. Willison, Esq.
(614) 580-4316
Dayton Ohio Eviction Attorney
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Eric E. Willison is an Ohio eviction attorney. After graduating from the Ohio State University, Mr. Willison attended Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Willison has both conducted and defended evictions and knows this area of law from both sides, enabling him to spot troublesome issues and to discover ways to still go forward. He routinely represents single property landlords, multi-unit owners and large complexes. He can be reached at 614.580.4316 or by email at eewillison at earthlinkdotnet. Mr. Willison is veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard and the United States Air Force, serving from 1985 to

Andrew J. Ruzicho II, Esq. (614) 447-2365
Dayton Ohio Eviction Attorney
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Andrew Ruzicho has been working as a Dayton Ohio Eviction Attorney for over two decades and has practiced law in Dayton Municipal Court, Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Vandalia Municipal Court, Huber Heights and others. Mr. Ruzicho provides quick and responsive service to landlords in the Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas.

If you are looking to pursue a claim for damages against a tenant or former tenant, Mr. Ruzicho can advise you as to the best course of action. Such determinations are made often after consideration of tenant’s whereabouts, employment situation, amounts owed, etc.

A typical eviction generally takes about three to four weeks and starts with the posting of the three day eviction notice. After that notice has expired, the landlord has the right to file an eviction complaint with the court. Hearings are often held two to three weeks after the filing of the eviction complaint.

In addition to the common residential tenancy, Mr. Ruzicho provides legal services for mobile home parks, commercial businesses, land installment contract situations and more.

If you have eviction needs in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas, please contact Andrew Ruzicho.