Landlord’s Guide to Ohio Evictions

By | May 17, 2015

Ohio Eviction Law – Guide to Ohio Evictions

How to do your own eviction in Ohio.

Our Ebook explains what you need to know about Ohio Eviction Law and how to conduct an eviction in Ohio.

“The Landlord’s Guide to Ohio Eviction Law is required reading for anyone conducting an eviction in Ohio.”
Ohio Eviction Law Guidebook
Our ebook answers these questions about Ohio evictions:

1 – How do I start the eviction process?

2 – When can I file an eviction?

3 – What will happen in court at the eviction hearing?

4 – What will happen after the eviction hearing?

5 – How long until I get my property back?

6 – What do I need to know about Ohio Law?

7 – How does the eviction process go from start to finish?

8 – What is the typical eviction timeline?

9 – What defenses does a tenant have to the eviction?

10 – Will I need an eviction attorney at the hearing under Ohio Law?

Our eviction guidebook takes you through the Ohio eviction process step by step. If you are doing your first eviction, conducting an eviction in a different court system, or have even been performing evictions for quite some time, you will learn new and useful information from our eviction guidebook. Don’t miss out on this invaluable Ohio eviction resource.

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Includes the following files:

  • Sample 3 day Ohio eviction notice to vacate with detailed explanation
    All required Ohio eviction forms and eviction letters
    Sample Ohio eviction complaint with detailed explanation
    Common eviction defenses tenants may assert and how to address them
    Common misunderstandings concerning Ohio eviction law
    Typical filing fees and other costs associated with Ohio eviction complaints
    Time schedule involved in evicting a tenant
    Pitfalls to avoid when evicting in Ohio
    What will happen at the eviction hearing and beyond
    Includes our audio guide to the Ohio eviction process and law!
    Includes Ohio Eviction Law and Process
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